Hair Styles

Keeping up with the trends can be a difficult task. But don’t worry because our hair design specialists at Jazmin Hair Design Essendon know exactly what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to everything hair related. We have compiled a list of the best and most popular hair trends for 2014.

1. Belayage- the most popular colouring effect of 2014! Belayage is known for adding effortless depth and character to the hair and requires very little maintenance.


2. Slick Ponytail- Going back to basics with the classic ponytail. Smooth and neat, the Slick Ponytail can dress up even the most casual outfit and is perfect for a tidy professional look.


3. Beachy Waves- If you’re lucky enough to have naturally wavy hair, 2014 is the time to embrace it! A spritz of sea salt spray on damp hair and some little extra care can turn your usual frizzy locks into hot beachy waves!


4. Messy Braid- Who says braids are only for 10 year old girls?? The braid is back and roaring! The Messy Braid fixes everything; perfect for an everyday, casual look and even for hiding those bad hair days.


5. Oversized Bun- Another versatile neat look. The bigger the better is the way to go with the oversized bun. A bun doughnut a hair tie and a couple of hair pins is all you need to get can the perfect shape and size.